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If you are in the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati area, you likely have already seen or felt a few signs from the fast approach of winter. This week it has certainly made its presence known through falling temps, ice storm and a few blustery snow flakes, to top it all off. Old man winter is surely letting us know that he is right around the corner.

As we rev up for winter we need consider the preparation of our homes for the weather ahead. Through careful preparation and a bit of attention to the details, we can potentially avoid the inconvenience of roofing issues that can occur with heavy snow falls, ice storms and howling winds.

To follow is a list of items you will want to inspect, or have inspected before winter settles in. We hope that this will help you avoid winter roofing woes.

Check the roof valleys and gutter system: Clear all debris away to allow water to flow freely into the gutter system. Check for rust, cracks or holes that may have formed over the last year. Repair or replace if necessary.

Check flashing to make sure it’s securely fastened to avoid possibly leaks in this already leak prone area.

Condition of the chimney: Check for brick damage or missing mortar. If these areas are compromised it leads to an open opportunity for leaking and potential damage.

Have antennas, plumbing stacks or other items affixed to the roof? Check along the base and mounts ensuring they are properly sealed.

Don’t forget the attic and proper insulation! Not only does proper insulation keep all that warmth inside the home, it also prevents snow from melting quickly on the roof and refreezing causing a condition known as ice damns. Ice damns can be damaging to the roofing system and possibly even the interior of the home.

Make getting the homes roof winter weather ready a priority so you can rest with ease this season. Looking for assistance with your roof inspection? Give Greater Cincinnati Roofing and Remodeling a call today. We are here to help you with all your roofing needs.