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Each winter in the Northern Kentucky area, billions of dollars are paid out in insurance losses due to burst pipes, frozen gutters and other weather-related disasters. However, proper maintenance and winter weather preparation can certainly help to limit the issues from arising.

Regardless of what gutter system you choose, gutters and roofs need maintenance. Here in the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati area, If you have open rain gutters, they should be cleaned at least twice a year: in the Spring after trees bud, dropping flowers acorns, and seed pods; and in the fall after they drop their leaves.

If you also have a low-sloped roof, adding debris removal to your roof maintenance is required. A simple cleaning with a broom or blower is all that is necessary. Plus, loose debris accumulating on the roof is a fire hazard and is extremely bad for the roof, accelerating wear and backing water up under the shingles.

However, cleaning out your gutters and brushing debris from your roof, though an important task, is not an easy one. Climbing and moving ladders and working several feet off the ground can be dangerous. It requires strength and agility to support your personal safety, as well as climbing protection systems or devices. If you cannot do this safely, call a contractor or install a system that offers leaf protection.

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