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Winter is upon us in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati regions which means it’s time to consider what can happen when a roof has accumulated a lot of snow or ice.  Winter preparation is important to prevent damage that can occur after ice and snow storms.

Often times we experience cooling, then warming, then cooling again situations in our area. 

The constant thawing then freezing conditions can cause icicles, which can bring a host of other problems along with them. Obviously, icicles dangling overhead can be a concern, but they also point to potential roofing problems that the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Roofers must be knowledgeable in repairing. 

Bright sunshiny days combined with the heat from the home may melt the snow on your roof. If that thawing snow has nowhere to go then icicles can form. It is critical to be sure that your gutters are NOT clogged before this weather arrives. Clogged downspouts can prevent proper water flow as the snow melts, which can then cause “ice dams”. When this happens, that standing water or ice can creep back up and under your shingles. Once moisture gets under the shingles, it can start causing problems to the interior of your home. Unfortunately, once the ice dams have formed, there aren’t a lot options for removal. It is best to call a Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Roofer to discuss with them options for proper removal. 

Once the weather breaks, take some time to inspect the roof and gutter-lines for visual damage. If you do see or suspect you may have problems contact the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Roofing Specialists, Greater Cincinnati Roofing and Remodeling. We can work with you to determine not only the repairs needed, we can also help you take steps to prevent these problems in the future.